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RE/MAX agents are equipped with tools to get listing information into your hands or into the hands of a potential buyer. The RE/MAX Curbside Marketing Program consists of three key tools. Get in touch with a RE/MAX agent to get more information about this program.

If you'd like to check out a property on the go, check out No need to download any extra applications, is designed to be compatible with all smartphones. You will be able to login to your RE/MAX account, view your favorites and do virtually anything you can do on a desktop.
SMS Keywords
SMS (Short Message Service) uses your phone's basic text messaging function. Each RE/MAX property can be assigned a five digit number, that number can then be texted and in turn RE/MAX will text back with the listing information and the best way to contact the listing agent.
If you're selling your home, your agent can use this service to generate more traffic for your home and contact potential buyers to provide more information about the property. With more interest a RE/MAX agent can help sell your home for top dollar.
Anyone can text an SMS number. Ask your RE/MAX agent for more information on how to text the SMS numbers.

QR Codes
QR (Quick Response) codes are designed to be scanned by a smartphone app and will instantly prompt the smartphone to launch the website. The user can then explore the website and if necessary contact the agent for more information.