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Cobequid Eco - Trails Society

The Cobequid Eco-Trails Society (CE-TS) was formed in Spring 2007. We are a group of residents who value trails in our community. CE-TS is an organization focusing on the development and promotion of non-motorized trails, with an emphasis on environmental appreciation and stewardship. The Society aims to consider issues related to the development of trails for walking, hiking, snowshoeing, cycling, cross-country skiing, equestrian or other forms of non-motorized use. Activities are to be conducted in central Nova Scotia and will vary in length and scope depending on the group and/or committee involved through CE-TS. Involvement may include volunteer and contract employees. Example initiatives currently under consideration are: trail building, improvement and maintenance; trail exploration and/or routing activities, involving guided tours with a focus on nature, history, community, education and environmental sustainability; organized trail-based competitions; activity and health promotion activities, such as group outings and/or gatherings; naturalization projects (eg litter pick-up, tree planting).