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Alana Hyrtle
(902) 305-6347 - (cell)
(902) 893-0255 - (fax)
(902) 893-7500 - (office)

After 10 years of staying home to raise our three children while helping to run my husband's car restoration business, I have finally fulfilled my dream of becoming a REALTOR®.

Originally from Saskatchewan and Alberta, where I met and married my husband, we returned to his home province of Nova Scotia in 2020. We wanted to give our children the opportunity to experience the beautiful lifestyle this province has to offer. In our free time we love to go on adventures to beaches, waterfalls, hiking trails and sight seeing destinations to shoot footage for my YouTube channel. I also love gardening, visiting farmers markets and making delicious food.

With plenty of home buying and selling experience on a personal level, I am very familiar with the wants and needs of a home buyer/seller. I am up to date with the latest technology and designs and you can trust that I am highly motivated and competent. I pride myself with prompt responses and genuine excitement to work with you. For those from away, I will be here to act as your own arms and legs in your home buying search and selling/purchase transaction. I am very eager to exceed your expectations and help you fulfill your dream of home ownership.